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Municipal Development Plan
The Municipal Development Plan is the primary planning policy document for use at the municipal level.  It is intended to provide a framework for the ongoing development of the Town of Sexsmith.  The Town of Sexsmith has engaged ISL Engineering to update the MDP.  This has been motivated by a number of factors including:
  • the current MDP being significantly out of date;
  • to expand the Town's current non-residential (commercial & industrial) assessment base;
  • accommodating opportunities for new growth; and the desire
  • to maintain close working relationships that the Town has with the County of Grande Prairie on cooperative planning efforts;
To view the draft MDP, click here
Click here to view a slide presentation.  The Town of Sexsmith is wanting to solicit input from residents on the MDP before it is finalized.  There will be a public hearing scheduled after the review process is complete.

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