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Intermunicipal Development Plan
An Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) is a long-term and strategic plan between two or more municipalities under the Municipal Government Act (MGA). The IDP’s purpose is to provide a coordinated and collaborative framework respecting land use, servicing and transportation on lands adjacent to the boundaries of the respective municipalities.
The MGA requires that the IDP address:
• future land use;
• the manner of and the proposals for future development;
• transportation systems;
• proposals for the financing and programming of intermunicipal infrastructure;
• the co-ordination of intermunicipal programs related to physical, social and economic development; and environmental matters.
The MGA also requires that the IDP address matters relating to the administration of the plan, including a process to resolve intermunicipal disputes.
To view the completed Intermunicipal Development Plan, click here.

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