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Area Structure Plan

1.0 Introduction

1.1Purpose of Plan

The Town of Sexsmith Annexation Area Structure Plan (ASP) has been preparedto provide a framework for future development of the landsthat were annexedinto the Town of Sexsmith from the County of Grande Prairie No. 1in January 2008. The Town initiated the preparation of this Plan as a means of providing a proactive and coordinated

approach to theplanning of thisarea. It containsa general land use conceptthat is integrated with overall servicing concepts, and serves as a guideline for more detailed subdivision planning by individual landowners or developers. The primary intent of this Plan, in addition to illustrating futuredevelopment concepts, is to demonstrate how new development will tie-into the Town's established urbanfabric.

The Annexation ASP has been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Section 633 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

1.2Plan Area Location

As shown on Map 1, this ASP applies to 14.75quarter sections of land thatsurrounds the built up areaof the Townon all sides. All of the landsin question were annexed into the Town fromthe County of Grande Prairie No. 1.

The Plan area is composed of three distinct sub-areas as illustrated in Map 1. Area 1 consists of 5.5 quarter sections located in the northwest portion of the Plan area, north of 95th Avenue and westof Highway 2. Area 2 consists of a block of 5 quarters locatedto the east of Highway 2. Area 3 consists of a block of 4.25 quarters located in the southerlyportion of the Plan area,west of Highway 2.

The Plan areatotals 946 ha on 23 separate parcelsand including road plans and rail right-of-way as outlinedin Table 1. Location references are provided on Map 2.

1.3Policy Context

There are numerous Town plans and policy documents currently in forcethat provide a broader policy context for ASP preparation. Theseplans, both statutoryand non­ statutory, are outlined below.

1.3.1 Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal DevelopmentPlan (MOP) is the Town's primary land use policy document. Originally adopted in 1991, it has been amended on several occasionssince that time to address the changing needs of the community.

The MunicipalGovernment Act requires thatall statutory plans be consistent with oneanother. As all the lands within the ASP area were recently annexedinto the Town,they are not addressed in the currentMOP. Therefore, upon adoptionof this ASP,the MOPwill be amended concurrently to reflect the land use concept contained in this ASP.
To view the Area Structure Plan in its entirety, please use the following link:  Area Structure Plan

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