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Sustainability Plan
Letter from the Mayor 
The Sexsmith Sustainability Plan was created using Alberta Urban Municipalities Association’s process for
sustainability planning, which is:

Phase 1-structuring the process
Phase 2-creating a shared understanding of sustainable community success
Phase 3-determining and analyzing strategy areas for success
Phase 4-action planning and
Phase 5-on-going implementation and monitoring
Through the process, we concentrated on the areas dealing with economy, environment, social, culture
and governance. Our vision is that "the Town of Sexsmith is where we maintain our heritage while
planning for sustainable development in our safe, family-oriented community."

This plan was born through public consultation and hard work of volunteers on the committee in cooperation
with Council and the CAO. This is a living document providing a basis for future elected
members to derive direction and maintain the Town of Sexsmith’s vision. There will be changes, always,
and sustainability needs to be foremost.

Continue reading and view our full sustainability plan here

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