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Bylaw Enforcement Information
 To view all of the Town Bylaws, click here
Bylaws help keep the Town safe and clean. Bylaw enforcement investigates reports of violations. 
A Council may pass bylaws for municipal purpose respecting the following matters:
(a) the safety, health and welfare of people and the protection of people and property;
(b) people, activities and things in, on or near a public place or place that is open to the public;
(c) nuisances, including unsightly property;
(d) transport and transportation systems;
(e) businesses, business activities and persons engaged in business;
(f) services provided by or on behalf of the municipality;
(g) public utilities;
(h) wild and domestic animals and activities in relation to them;
(i) the enforcement of bylaws made under this or any other enactment, including any or all of the following:
(i) the creation of offences;
(ii) for each offence, imposing a fine not exceeding $10 000 or imprisonment for not more than one year,
or both;
(iii) providing for the imposition of a penalty for an offence that is in addition to a fine or imprisonment so long as the penalty relates to a fee, cost, rate, toll or charge that is associated with the conduct that gives rise to the offence;
(iv) providing that a specified penalty prescribed under section 44 of the Provincial Offences Procedure Act
is reduced by a specified amount if the penalty is paid within a specified time;
(v) providing for imprisonment for not more than one year for non-payment of a fine or penalty;
(vi) providing that a person who contravenes a bylaw may pay an amount established by bylaw and if the
amount is paid, the person will not be prosecuted for the contravention;
 (vii) providing for inspections to determine if bylaws are being complied with;
(viii) remedying contraventions of bylaws.

County Animal Control Officers are contracted to provide animal control services for the Town of Sexsmith.  
As per the Town of Sexsmith Animal Control By-Law, "Animals unless otherwise specified in this Bylaw, within the Town boundaries in private residences within a residential area, shall be limited in number to two (2) in total. " and "Every owner of an animal age three (3) months or more, who resides in the Town of Sexsmith in any year, shall forthwith cause the animal to be registered at the Town Office and shall cause such animal to wear around his neck a collar to which shall be attached in a secure manner, a metallic tag, to be issued to the owner upon registration for a fee as set out by the Town.”  If a resident wishes to have more than two animals, a Pet Fancier license can be obtained.
Dog licenses are due on the first working day of January each year.  Cat licenses are lifetime.
County Animal Control can be reached at 780-532-9727.  If you get voice mail, leave a message at the prompt and an officer will contact you as soon as possible.
Click here to view the Animal Control Bylaw in its entirety   

What defines an unsightly premises?  Unsightly Premises means any Property, whether land, buildings, improvements to lands and buildings, or any other combination of the above which detrimentally affects the proposed amenities, use, value or enjoyment of the surrounding properties in reasonable proximity to the unsightly premises, or is otherwise detrimental to the surrounding area or in an unsightly condition as defined in the Municipal Government Act (Alberta)

Conditions constituting a Nuisance which no Person shall cause, or permit include, but are not limited to:

a) the accumulation of Refuse or other waste products on the Property;

b) grass in excess of fifteen (15) centimeters in length, or the presence of weeds, or the presence of aggressive or harmful vegetation on the boulevard, lane or alleys that abuts or flanks the Property which in the opinion of a Bylaw Enforcement Officer or Designated Officer, are excessive or which demonstrate neglect by the Owner;

c) the accumulation of Animal Material, yard material, Ashes or scrap Building Material;

d) domestic animal feces or animal parts in a composting pile or a composting container;

e) the accumulation of Abandoned Vehicles or Abandoned Equipment;

f) the presence or accumulation of animal carcasses, hazardous materials, noxious fumes, manure or sewage;

g) the presence of shrubs, trees, Weeds or other vegetation which, as a result of its location on the Property has caused or is causing damage to adjacent properties, public property, or which is obstructing a sidewalk, highway or public place, including the obstruction of sight lines necessary for the safe operation of motor vehicles on a highway within the Town;

h) the presence or failure to destroy Restricted Weeds, control Noxious Weeds or prevent the spread or scattering of Nuisance Weeds pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Weed Control Act (Alberta);

i) the failure to control and eliminate insect pests harmful to the growth and development of trees and shrubs or any vegetable or plant life;

j) the presence of motor vehicles on any part of a Property other than a designated parking area as prescribed in the Land Use Bylaw;

k) the failure to dispose of Refuse or other waste products accumulating in temporary storage containers upon the Property;

l) composting, which in the opinion of a Bylaw Enforcement Officer or a Designated Officer, are excessive or attracts Pests;

m) dense or opaque smoke emitted into the atmosphere for more than SIX (6) minutes per hour or dense or opaque dust emitted into the atmosphere;

n) production of any generally Offensive Odours;

o) the presence of standing water on the Property, which in the opinion of a Designated Officer or Bylaw Enforcement Officer, is excessive or attracts Pests;

p) the failure to keep Property in a Reasonable State of Repair, including a lack of repair or maintenance of buildings, structures or Property, which includes but is not limited to:

i). the significant deterioration of buildings, structures or improvements, or portions of buildings, structures, or improvements, including but not limited to foundation, exterior walls, the roof doors, steps and sidewalk, fences, exterior stairs, porches, decks, patios, landings, balconies and other similar structures;

ii). broken or missing windows including frame and awning, siding, shutters, eaves or other Building Material;

iii). significant fading, chipping, peeling or absence of painted areas of buildings, structures or improvements on Property; and

iv). conditions that may create a danger to public safety in the opinion of a Designated Officer.

q) the storage or placement of any material or equipment on Town owned Property unless prior written approval has been obtained from the Town which allows the storage or placement of the material or equipment on Town Property.

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