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Have a Block Party
As friendships grow, so do safe and caring neighbourhoods. 

10 Reasons to Have a Block Party
  1. To have fun – no excuses or reasons needed to celebrate!
  2. To meet your neighbours. When you know who lives in your neighbourhood, the more likely you are to identify strangers or suspicious people.
  3. To increase that sense of belonging to a community.
  4. To strengthen neighbourhood spirit and encourage residents to look after the neighbourhood.
  5. To make additional connections within the community. When you know people, you can exchange skills or resources and perhaps organize a book club, baby-sitting co-op, share walking to school duties, or find new friends for your children.
  6. To meet some old time residents in the neighbourhood and learn the neighbourhood’s history.
  7. To establish new friendships.
  8. To learn a little about each other and who might need a little extra help from time to time.
  9. To have a neighbourhood clean-up day, play some good music and barbeque once all the work is done.
  10. To start a neighbourhood tradition of getting together at least once a year!
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