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Pet Fancier License



 The maximum number of cats or dogs in a single-family dwelling or household shall be restricted to two (2) in total over the age of three (3) months. If an Owner wishes to keep more than two (2) Cats or Dogs, they must obtain a Pet Fancier License. The Town of Sexsmith may refuse or revoke a Pet Fancier License at its sole discretion.

 A person requesting a Pet Fancier License shall submit an application to the CAO on the approved form.  

 All applications shall include the following:

  •  Location of property on which pets will be housed;
  • Purpose;
  • Description of animals (breed, sex, coloring, name)
  • Type of facilities;

Approval from adjacent landowners will be sought by the Development Officer prior to approval of a Pet Fancier License. 

The CAO or designate or a Bylaw Enforcement Officer may inspect the premises prior to issuing the Pet Fancier License to ensure site conditions are suitable.

 A Pet Fancier License will be reviewed and may be approved by the CAO or designate, or a Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

Click here to obtain the Pet Fancier License Application.

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