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Land Use Amendments

The Amendment Process 

A Land Use Bylaw amendment application shall be made to the Development Officer in writing on the prescribed form, and shall be signed by the applicant or his agent. The Development Officer may require any of the following information to accompany an application to amend this Bylaw:

(a)if the amendment involves the re-designation of land to a different land use district,

(i)a copy of the Certificate of Title for the lands affected, or any other documentation satisfactory to the Development Officer verifying that the applicant has a legal interest in the land,

(ii)where the applicant is an agent acting for the owner, a letter from the owner verifying the agent’s authority to make the application, and

(iii) a properly dimensioned map of appropriate scale indicating the site to be amended, and its relationship to existing land uses within a 90 m (295 ft) radius of the boundaries of the site;

(b)a statement of the reasons for the request to amend the Bylaw; and

(c)such additional information as the Development Officer may require.

Click here to download the Municipal Development Plan/Land Used Bylaw Amendment Application form.  Cost of the application is $200.00

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