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Economic Development
The Town of Sexsmith...Where Quality of Life Meets Opportunity!!   
The historic Town of Sexsmith is home to just over 2,820 residents – with a population of just under 100,000 in the surrounding and much larger Grande Prairie regional market, or market catchment area.   

Sexsmith’s largest neighbours are the City of Grande Prairie, a full-service community within a short 15-minute drive of the Town, and the many farmers and ranchers – and their families – who live in the surrounding County of Grande Prairie. 

The communities across the region have experienced significant population growth over the past several decades, with Sexsmith’s population increasing by an estimated 8% in 2016-2018, and 33% in 2006-2016.

These communities are forecast to remain among the fastest-growing and youngest communities in Alberta – with the region’s current median age of 33.8 years being considerably lower than Alberta’s at 37.5, and Canada’s at 40.9.
This significant labour force strength is further leveraged by the fact that 55% of adult-age residents have some form of post-secondary education, which – in 2019 – supported an enviable regional median household income of almost $119,000. 

Family, volunteerism, recreation and a strong and vibrant neighbours-helping-neighbours spirit have long been cornerstones of the Town, reflecting values and community-minded commitments that are shared with our rural neighbours. 

Sexsmith’s attractive rural and small town lifestyle, affordability, and its reputation as A Great Place to Live, Work and Raise a Family! continues to grow. 

Many from across Northwestern Alberta, the Peace Country, and Northeastern British Columbia...from young couples and families, small businesses and entrepreneurs, professionals, retirees, to daily commuters...are increasingly exploring the rural, small town character and affordable, high-quality of life that the Town of Sexsmith has to offer. 
 Residential Attraction Strengths:  
>Competitively-Priced Lots Available

>  Welcoming, High-Quality of Life Community
>  Attractive Municipal Tax & Regulatory Framework
>  Easy Access to Major Transportation Routes
>  Proximity to Major Regional Markets/Industrial Activity Areas

Sexsmith's Key Locational Strengths for Commercial and Business Attraction

>  High-Quality of Life
>  Higher-Potential Growth Area
>  Availability of Good
>  Availability of Good, Well-Paying Jobs

>  A Growing and Increasingly Diverse Regional Economy (Northwestern Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia)

>  Overall Affordability/Affordable Housing

>  Proximity to Grande Prairie, Edmonton and Emerging Northwestern Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia Energy Development and Processing Regions

>  A Full Service Regional Economy

>  Easy Commuting Times to/from Work, Shopping and Regional Recreation Amenities

>  Strategic Location – Close Proximity to Major Markets

>  Good Schools and Safe, Family-Friendly Neighbourhoods

>  Competitive Regional/Local Business Fundamentals

>  Good Transportation Infrastructure and Passenger/Cargo Air Services

>  Availability of Competitively-Priced Commercial/Light Industrial Land

>  A Strong Sense of Community and Community History/Traditions


Town of Sexsmith Opportunity Drivers:
>  Recovering and Growth-Oriented Alberta Economy

>  Competitive Business, Fiscal and Regulatory Climate

>  Modern Infrastructure and Supportive Municipal Services

>  Growth in Regional Resource Extraction, Processing, Manufacturing and Related Service and Supply Activity

>  Increased Regional Promotion and Branding of Industry Attraction/Business Development Opportunities

>  Cooperative/Collaborative Stakeholder Partnerships Already in Place to Take Advantage of Emerging Regionally-Scoped Opportunities

>  Affordable Commercial/Light Industrial Sites Available


 Identified Higher-Potential Economic Development/Investment Attraction
Opportunity Areas Within the Town of Sexsmith
>  Residential Development (across all single-family housing categories)

>  Supporting Niche-Market Retail/Commercial Development

>  Artisan/Street-Level Retail

>  Oil and Gasfield Services and Supply

>  Machinery/Equipment Servicing and Maintenance

>  Regional Transportation and Logistics (road, rail and air cargo)

>  Agricultural Services and Supply

>  Tourism and Recreation

>  Agri-Foods, Bio-Fuels and Related Processing

>  Professional Services/Related Small Business Development

*NWO Analytics, Alberta Business Location Competitiveness and Cross-Industry/Sectoral Siting Analysis, July 2019.

To view the Town of Sexsmith Community Economic Development Plan, click here.
Members of the Town of Sexsmith Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) are as follows:
Rod Dueck representing small local business
Kate Potter, Mayor 
Bruce Black, Councillor
Ken Hildebrand, Councillor
Jennifer Caseley representing home based business
Shawn Fillier, Member at Large
Chrystal Widsten, Member at Large
Jason Rycroft, representing large local business
Rachel Wueschner, CAO
Shane Pospisil, New West Opportunities

To view the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) Mandate and Terms of Reference, click here.

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