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Land for Development

Our main industry has been grain elevators, grass and seed cleaning plants, heavy construction companies, a bulk fuel station, as well as the usual businesses of food stores, bakery, construction companies, hotel, restaurants, and beauty salons. The City of Grande Prairie, 22 kilometers away, is home to any other business desired.
Sexsmith is experiencing steady residential growth and $280,000 will provide you with a very nice home. We have five residential subdivisions: Willow Estates, Rycroft Ridge, Forest Grove, Westview and Painted Sky. All subdivision have several residential lots for sale in each.
Painted Sky Subdivision also has some Commercial Light and Multi Family Residential lots for sale.
Rental residential is always at a premium here in Sexsmith, as many people prefer to live here as opposed to living in Grande Prairie. However, several four-plexes have recently been built and the Town had issued 10 new single family dwelling building permits by December, 2009.
The community boasts of many organizations and lots of involvement for people of all ages. In 2006, Sexsmith joined Aquatera, ensuring a good supply of water for any future needs.
The twinning of the highway between Sexsmith and Grande Prairie has been finished and enhances our economy. This highway project allows easy access to Grande Prairie within fifteen minutes.
Sexsmith has two doctors and the new medical clinic is now open. The hospital, Queen Elizabeth II, in nearby Grande Prairie, is a very modern, first class facility and within easy commuting distance, as quickly as traveling to a hospital within a large city.
Council also offers very attractive tax incentives to new, non-residential businesses within the Town.

In Regards to Building in Sexsmith

All building permits for the Town of Sexsmith are issued by the County of Grande Prairie however, all contractors and builders are required to attend at the Town office as we have the forms here and collect all fees related to building permits. This includes electrical, plumbing and gas permits.
Fees for residential building permits are based on the square footage of the dwelling/structure while non-residential building permits are based on the type and composition of the structure, and finishing costs.
Costs for electrical permits are based on square foot for new houses and basement developments and on the cost of installation for commercial use or small renos. Gas and plumbing permits are based on the number of fixtures being installed.
You must obtain a building permit for a backyard pool/hot tub, decks, sheds & garages. Requirements for these are available at the town office.
Please contact the Town of Sexsmith at 780-568-3681 for your building permit needs.
Prior to obtaining a business license, a development permit may be required. The Town of Sexsmith is interested in helping assist in any way to help promote new business within the Town. If you have any questions, please contact:
Rachel Wueschner,
Town Administrator
Box 420
Sexsmith, AB T0H 3C0
phone: (780) 568-3681
fax: (780) 568-2200

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