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Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta

Your community makes you. And you make your community.

Your Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta helps connect donors with local and regional organizations and causes that they care about most. We help people like you enrich the lives of others in a meaningful and satisfying manner.

Your Community Foundation is unique because we encompass ALL areas of community. We invest in local initiatives ranging from support for seniors, access to post-secondary education, improving the environment, supporting children’s programs and many other worthy causes.

We help drive positive change not only through our grants; we are leaders in identifying community needs and advocating for meaningful social change. Each community has unique experiences and challenges. Our strength is in bringing people together to address these needs.

Together we can build more vibrant, healthy, and resilient communities across the entire northwestern Alberta region.

MISSION:  Connect People. Build Community. For Good and Forever.

Northwestern Alberta’s Vital Signs®

2019 Northwestern Alberta’s Vital Signs®provides an overview of quality of life in the City of Grande Prairie, the County of Grande Prairie, the MD of Greenview and local communities. This report serves as a tool to improve understanding of the successes and most pressing issues in our communities to effectively mobilize change and action. In-depth data collection and a citizen perception survey help us dive deep into our communities and priorities. The Vital Signs® initiative provides real and relevant information so together we can best address the needs of today and prepare for tomorrow. Watch for a new, updated Vital Signs in October 2019!

Digging Deep To Uncover Quality Of Life

Northwestern Alberta’s Vital Signs®provides a snapshot of quality of life in the City of Grande Prairie, the County of Grande Prairie, the MD of Greenview and local communities. This knowledge-driven tool uses research to highlight where our strengths are as communities and where the gaps lie. The easy-to-read Vital Signs report celebrates our successes, telling us where we are doing well, but also tackles tough subjects, highlighting the gaps to help us understand our most pressing issues. Vital Signs invites every citizen and leader to identify priorities, start conversations, and make informed decisions to drive positive change, where no one is left behind.


The theme of the 2019 Northwestern Alberta’s Vital Signs report is belonging. Why does belonging matter? A greater sense of belonging has the extraordinary capacity to transform our lives and our communities. It translates into safer, more resilient and inclusive communities; it’s integral to our mental health and overall well-being; it creates a flourishing culture; it enhances our ability to cultivate relationships; and it inspires greater community participation.

Dive deeper into a sense of belonging in our region with the 2019 Northwestern Alberta’s Vital Signs® Report

Previous Vital Signs Reports can be found here.

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