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COPS Program

Citizens on Patrol

The mission of C.O.P.S is to build safer communities by mobilizing Sexsmith citizens to participate in a community-based crime prevention initiative in co-operation with our local law enforcement agencies. It is for citizens to actively assist police officers by relieving some of their workload.
C.O.P. volunteers patrol parks, schools, businesses, hotels, and residential neighborhoods. Patrol duties include observing and reporting any unusual or suspicious activities to RCMP or County Peace officers. These special volunteers provide a deterrent to crime and a feeling of security for citizens and visitors by remaining highly visible in the community. Citizens on Patrol do not carry weapons or have powers of arrest.


Anyone interested in becoming a Citizens on Patrol volunteer must:
  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Submit to a reference check and criminal records check.
If you are interested in becoming a Citizens on Patrol volunteer, please contact Ken Hildebrand at 780-228-1339 or Beth Endresen at 780-978-7610 or click here to complete the application form.
RCMP have launched crime mapping.  You can now see where crime is occurring, when and what type.  Check it out here
Did you know that the Grande Prairie RCMP detachment now accepts online crime reporting?

You can ONLY use online crime reporting if:

·You have lost something under $5,000.00;

·Someone has stolen something from you that costs less than $5,000.00;

·Someone has vandalized your property/vehicle and it will cost less than $5,000.00 to repair it;

·The crime happened within the jurisdiction of the Alberta RCMP;

You can not use online crime reporting if:

·There is a witness or suspect

·There are lost or stolen items involving personal identity, firearms, license plates or decals;

You will need to provide:

·Your name;

·Your address;

·Your phone number;

·Your e-mail address

Please note that unless more information is required, you will not be contacted by a police officer. If you have a crime that requires a police officer, call the non-emergency line at 1-855-565-7555.


To report a crime online, click here.

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