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Fire Department


Sexsmith Fire Department

Proud and Professional, protecting the residents of Sexsmith and area since 1930

The Sexsmith Fire Department provides Fire, Medical and Rescue services to the Town of Sexsmith, 460 sq miles of the County of Grande Prairie and Mutual Aid response to regional friends and contract partners. Members of the department spend thousands of hours annually practicing and preparing for events that arise in our protection area. During the past years the Sexsmith Fire Department has seen increasing calls for service bringing the department to new record call volumes each year.  The Sexsmith Fire Department responded to 162 calls for service in 2020.


The department current operates 5 pieces of fire apparatus out of one station:

 ·2019 Maxi Tender (T501)

·2013 Pierce Engine (Engine 501)

·2011 Ford F-150 Command Unit (Squad 501)

·2006 Rosenbauer Roadrunner Aerial (Ladder 511)

·2019 Ford F 550 Rescue Truck (Rescue 511)

Rescue 511


Engine 501


Ladder 511

Squad 501

Tender 501


Interested in becoming a member?

The Sexsmith Fire Department typically hires only once per year, and is committed to recruiting talented and motivated individuals, who possess a high level of integrity and have a desire to serve our community. No training is required to apply, and members will be given quality training. Volunteer Firefighters come from all walks of life such as schoolteachers, tradesmen, students, and oil field workers. Some have even used their skills and training to pursue a full-time career in the fire service. There are minimum attendance standards, and the more time members invest, the more they receive back such as training opportunities, friendships, job satisfaction, and valuable life skills and experience. Being a Volunteer Firefighter gives you the fulfillment of helping the community and is rewarding, exciting, and fun.

We are currently fully staffed and will not be recruiting until the fall of 2021 or as the need arises.

For information on fire bans, open burn permits, becoming a Fire Marshall, safe burning practices and more, visit the County of Grande Prairie website at the following link.


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