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Sexsmith & District Museum Society

The Sexsmith & District Museum Society

An organizational meeting of the Sexsmith to the Smoky Historical Society was called on April 16, 1977 at Teepee Creek for the purpose of writing a history book of the area. The senior citizens of Sexsmith and Teepee Creek were asked to act as directors for the society. The society was incorporated on April 7, 1978 as "Sexsmith to the Smoky Historical Society". The society began collecting and collating stories from as many residents and former residents that they could. The book written "Wagon Trails Grown Over" was published in 1980. The name of the society was changed to "Sexsmith & District Museum Society" in 1988.

The Sexsmith and District Museum Society is a non-profit society working to preserve the history and culture of Sexsmith and they surrounding area.

Museum Hours & Contact Information
Museum Hours (2019)
May 15 to September 1
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Contact Us
Sexsmith & District Museum Society
Box 252
Sexsmith, AB  T0H 3C0
Society President: James Obniawka (780) 568-2357 or (780) 933-0688 (c)
Society Vice President: Jeanne Rycroft 
Building Committee: Larry Anderson (780) 568-3063 or (780) 831-5337 (c)
Treasurer/Secretary: Sandy Masterson (780) 228-4122
Director/Elevator Preservation Co: Florence Blais (587) 343-0988

Are you interested in our town history? Would you like to get involved? The Sexsmith & District Museum Society is always accepting new volunteers to help out with ongoing projects and fundraising. Contact Florence Blais (587) 343-0988, to start volunteering today!
Elevator Preservation
The Town of Sexsmith provided the Sexsmith & District Museum Society with a letter of support toward their efforts to preserve the last standing elevator.  The Town of Sexsmith fully supports the Museum Society's efforts for preservation.  To view the letter, please click here.
Be sure to check out the documentary film Wooden Giant from Checkered Owl Media about preservation for the last remaining grain elevator.  You can view the film at the following link:

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