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Animal Control
County Animal Control Officers are contracted to provide dog control for the Town of Sexsmith.
This service involves routine patrols on an irregular basis. Any dogs found running at large may be impounded.
The animals will be taken to the pound located at the Grande Prairie S.P.C.A. building and will remain there for one week at which time they are taken in by the S.P.C.A. for adoption.
Owners must contact the pound for payment of reclaim fees to have their animals released.  Their contact number is 780-830-0199.
As per the Town of Sexsmith Animal Control By-Law, "Animals unless otherwise specified in this Bylaw, within the Town boundaries in private residences within a residential area, shall be limited in number to two (2) in total. " and "Every owner of a dog aged three (3) months or more, who resides in the Town of Sexsmith in any year, shall forthwith cause the dog to be registered at the Town Office and shall cause such dog to wear around his neck a collar to which shall be attached in a secure manner, a metallic tag, to be issued to the owner upon registration for a fee as set out by the Town.”
Dog licenses are due on the first working day of January each year.
County Animal Control cab be reached at 780-532-9727.  If you get voice mail, leave a message at the prompt and an officer will contact you as soon as possible.
Click here to view the Animal Control Bylaw in its entirety   

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